Life is seasonal. Power is transient. Failure is not a permanent state. Success is not everlasting. If the good side of the coin turns to you today, keep some in stock for days the other side will turn at you; says Joseph to Portiphar. If you are the cupbearer of the King today, threat ‘Joseph’ kindly, because he will be the ring bearer (the one with the signet of authority) tomorrow.

If you are in health today, manage it well, otherwise you will be in need of health tomorrow.

The stones that some carelessly stepping upon today, can be gathered together tomorrow by someone else to build a house; who knows, if that may just be your need tomorrow. The people you are calling nobody today, may be the gate keeper of your future breakthrough.

Everything in life is transient. Invest in yourself, invest in people around you, invest also in nature, so that your tomorrow can be secured.

Above all, put your trust in God who makes everything happen at His own time.

Odofin David Khulong

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